Mobilizing your healthcare enterprise

Bionworks, an IQVIA business, offers a complete mobility suite for healthcare providers that helps you improve clinical teamwork, expand boundaries of care and drive better patient outcomes

Electronic Medical Records

Multi disciplinary care planning

Patient engagement solutions

Remote patient care

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The essential catalyst for clinical productivity

A mobile first EMR, a multi-disciplinary task manager and a secure team messaging app rolled into one, Healthplug MD is one of the most comprehensive productivity tools available for care providers in the industry today.

Healthplug MD seamlessly integrates with your existing EHR and brings dexterity and efficiency to your enterprise while helping you stay compliant with quality standards and regulations.

Mobile EMR

Secure and authorized access to patient medical record on the move

Team messaging

Patient centric team messaging with contextually dynamic user teams

Order entry

Access controlled, workflow enabled, physician order entry on the go

Clinical documentation

Configurable clinical smart forms with scoring and outcome driven workflows

Multi-disciplinary workflows

Configurable clinical workflows with SLA based notifications and escalations


Cross departmental referrals with documentation, notifications and reminders

Incident management

Workflow driven incident recording, escalation, tracking and reporting

Discharge process

Workflow based discharge planning tools to improve discharge turn around times

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Customizable mobile platform to deliver connected patient experiences

Healthplug PX is a highly customizable, white labelled, multi-lingual patient engagement mobile app that enables providers deliver a connected experience before, during and after the patient's visit to the hospital.

Healthplug PX helps you extend your reach beyond the boundaries of your hospital, engage your patients and deliver great healthcare experiences.


External medical report aggregation and patient-provider chat

Online appointments

Doctor availability and appointments management with optional payment gateway integration

Personal health records

Enable patients to access their medical records on their smart phones

Post discharge care

Patient self managed care plans initiated and monitored by the provider


Integrated virtual patient consultations using video, audio and text chatting

Immunization records

Paediatric immunization tracker with follow up reminders

Patient self services

Self Registration and Online payments for convenience and efficiency

Hospital showcase

Hospital, doctor and service profiles with push marketing


The most comprehensive enterprise mobility suite for Healthcare

Healthplug enables you to overcome limitations of your legacy systems, mobilize your enterprise, automate your clinical processes as mobile clinical workflows and revolutionize the way you care.


Harmonize information across all your systems and bring your multi-disciplinary processes together onto a single platform


Mobilize your staff over purpose built mobile apps and automate care delivery across your enterprise as mobile clinical workflows


Monitor processes realtime using our workflow monitors and make your processes more efficient with our actionable analytics


SSL encrypted communication, audited patient provider relationship based access, two-factor authentication with device level authorization


Realtime user interfaces, context aware architecture, targeted push notifications to aid proactive user engagement


Machine learning driven clinical workflows that predicts interventions based on physician recorded clinical information


Available as a service on our cloud servers or can be deployed on an on-premise model or on your private cloud.